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  • Russell Smith leads our Training Services Division at Top Gun Oilfield Training Center in Stockdale, TX, with a focus on wireline operations and safety. When you’re looking to train your existing team members, turn to our state-of-the-art growth programs. Your employees will be sent to Top Gun Training Center to extend their knowledge, helping your company become more productive and your team more experienced. The time and length for these trainings varies depending on the selected course.

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Wireline Operator Training

  • This class is for the person wanting to start a career in the Wireline Service industry. This is a great class that will teach you the fundamentals of wireline and the everyday operation procedures that are followed. This class gets an employee grounded in the cased hole wireline service industry. Class and Labs include:
    • JSA’s/Location Safety/PPE
    • Basic Electricity/Meter Reading
    • CCL Theory
    • Wireline Characteristics/Maintenance
    • Explosives Safety
    • Working Around Pressure/Pressure Control ID
    • Wireline Services
    • Tool ID
  • 3 Day Course Monday-Wednesday
  • Includes lodging at the Holiday Inn in Floresville, Tx, all meals and transportation from Training center to Hotel and all airport transportation included also.

Wireline Supervisor Training

  • Cased hole supervisor training course is a two week course that teaches how to operatre a cased hole E-line truck for basic operational. We will learn basic Warrior computer software, RP-67 (API Explosives Safety) & Arming Procedures, Log Correlating using CCL, and test well practicals.
  • Lodging, transportation, breakfast & lunch will be provided

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RCBL Training

Cement Integrity Logging measures the bond between the casing and the cement pumped in the annulus between the casing and the wellbore. Isolation between reservoir layers is essential to  avoid potential reservoir problems such as crossflow between reservoir zones behind the casing.  The detection of poor cement, or the absence of cement, can lead to remedial action before the   well is completed, avoiding potential well problems and the associated costs.

Warrior Training

Warrior Software is a mature logging package that stresses ease of use, wide versatility, with a true multi-tasking environment. The software can be used on a single computer to acquire real time data from a borehole, to replay, recalculate and print logs from the raw data or imported data from other systems such as LAS or LIS data formats. Student will learn how to:

  • Build log Headers
  • Splice & Merge logs
  • Data Acquisition
  • Creating LAS, LIS, filesPresentation Editing and Creation

This is a 3 day class that will teach basic Warrior Applications for Pump-down Supervisors. Lodging and Meals provided.

Caliper Training

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